Sports Day Reminders

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Hi All,

Just some reminders about Sports Day which is happening tomorrow (Thursday 4 May) at SANTOS Stadium.

  1. Ensure that your child arrives at school on time as busses begin departing at 8.45.
  2. Children are to wear sports attire including sneakers.
  3. Sunscreen is to be applied before school and I encourage you to pack sunscreen in your child’s bag for further application during the day.
  4. Children will need to bring their hat, drink bottle, brain food, recess and lunch in their bag.
  5. Canteen will be open for food and drink purchases.
  6. Coloured hairspray and Zinc cream is NOT to be worn on the bus or at the Stadium. Children are encouraged to support their team colours through their clothing, wigs, etc
  7. At the end of the day you will be able to collect your child from me. Please do not take your child without notifying me.
  8. Busses will Depart SANTOS Stadium at 2.10 with children who have booked a place on the returning bus.

We are all looking forward to a wonderful Sports Day.

Rob Maio

Welcome to Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2. It will be great to see everyone back at school safe and sound after a well-deserved break.

I trust that your holiday break was productive and restful. I am looking forward to the exciting events and learning opportunities planned for your child this term.

Now is an ideal time to revisit discussions made during Parent/Student/Teacher conversations and reflect upon the strengths and areas for improvement.

I would like students to concentrate on learning times tables properly this term. I encourage students to use the ‘Learn Your Times Tables’ link located under Numeracy Links on our Class Blog page to assist with their learning. This is an important skill to have, to be able to advance successfully through the Mathematics curriculum.

Students are still expected to maintain their reading daily and record their reading in their school diary. Premiers Reading Challenge continues this term. Please sign off books on the Premier’s Reading Challenge sheet as students have read them.

I would also like to remind you to check that your child has all the necessary materials/stationary required for their learning as some students borrowed regularly during Term 1. Rulers were an item that many students needed to replace.

I look forward to continue working with you and your child in partnership this term.

Rob Maio

Key Events This Term

Term 2 Begins – 2 May (Tues, Week 1)

Sports Day (SANTOS Stadium) – 4 May (Thurs, Week 1)

Year 3 NAPLAN Assessment – 9 -11 May (Tues, Wed & Thurs, Week 2)

National Reconciliation Week – 27 May – 3 June (Week 5)

School Assembly 26 May & 30 June (Fri, Week 4 & 9)

Radiance Art Exhibition – 8 June (Thurs, Week 6)

Life Education Van (Week 7)

Year 3/4 Unit Fundraising

Today, students in Year 3/4 chose to raise some extra money for Project Compassion.

Students donated a gold coin for the privilege of coming to school in their pyjamas and watching a movie in the afternoon.

Well done Year 3/4 students for supporting such a worthy cause.

Reminder – The Project Compassion boxes, that students brought home earlier this Term, are due back by the end of May so please continue to support Caritas Australia.

Our Class Meetings

We conduct class meetings to help build a positive community in our classroom. Class meetings allow us to plan and make decisions, to “check in,” and to solve issues or raise awareness.
Class meetings are held once a fortnight.

Some of the benefits with having class meetings include:

• Students being involved in constructive decision making.
• Students having a voice that directly affect how they want their class to be.
• It creates a climate of trust and respect between students and teachers
• It helps build self-esteem by having students involved in decisions.
• Kids develop a sense of responsibility for their actions
• It enhances speaking, listening, leadership skills.
• Students support each other as each person takes charge of their own learning
• Students do most of the talking and I act as facilitator.
• Students work together to improve the learning environment, friendships and cooperative group work

Farewell Ms Nocka

Today we farewelled Ms Nocka as she takes on a  new appointment at St Mary’s College. Thank you for your leadership over the past three years.



Currently, students are enjoying learning new skills while taking part in athletics.

Today’s focus was on the shot put where students practised the skills necessary to throw correctly.

Kathy from Little Athletics commented today on how focused and respectful the 3/4RM students have been.

We have three more sessions with Kathy so get ready to watch the students shine next term on Sports Day.

Parent/Student/Teacher Conversations

Dear Parents and Students,

Just a quick post to say thank you to all of you for making the time to attend the recent parent/student/teacher conversations.

It was obvious that you are all actively interested in your child’s learning which was apparent when sharing your aspirations and goals for your child in 2017. These conversations provided the opportunity for us to share successes and any challenges in order to maximise your child’s learning in 2017.

As this was a three way conversation it was great to hear from the students who spoke with confidence while sharing. I’m very proud of all of you.

Rob Maio


Premier’s Reading Challenge

South Australian Premiers Reading Challenge

All students received their Student Reading Record for 2017 this week.  We filled in most of the student details on the record sheet, however could a family member please complete any sections that have been left blank.

The record sheet should remain in your child’s blue note-case.  Once a book is completed record it on the sheet and sign it.

Record sheets can be given to me once completed and all sheets need to be in before the 8 September 2017.

Below is a spare record sheet if required.

Rob Maio


Science Inquiry Skills – Communicating

An important skill required to communicate successfully in Science is the skill of observation. We are exploring how we can use our senses to communicate ideas and findings.

Today we used our senses to make observations of an apple which the students enjoyed, especially when they used their sense of taste.


Choosing ‘Good Fit’ Books

Every Monday we attend the MacKillop/Woods Resource Centre to encourage students to borrow books which then become their readers.

As most of the students are now independent readers it is important that students develop the skill of choosing texts which are suitable to their reading ability (‘Good Fit’ books).

Below you will find a poster which we use that supports students with selecting suitable texts and photos of students learning in the Resource Centre.