Meet Mr Maio

I would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce myself to you all.

My name is Rob Maio and I’m a proud father of 2 children, Deanna and Jordan, and husband to Tania who also works in Catholic Education.

I have been teaching in the Catholic Educational system for over twenty years and I have taught in a number of different Catholic Schools during my teaching journey. 2017 will be my eighth year at St Joseph’s School, Tranmere and I am looking forward to meeting all of you throughout the year.

I am thrilled to be teaching your child in 2017 and if at any time you wish to speak to me, my door is always open and you will find that I am most approachable.

Feel free to make an appointment with me or email at any time.


Rob Maio


Food: Pasta
Movie: Dead Poets Society
Colour: Blue
Season: Spring
Sports Team: Adelaide Crows/Adelaide United
Pets: My Dog (Milly)
Hobby: Gardening

22 thoughts on “Meet Mr Maio

  1. Dear Mr Maio
    I heard that you like the Crows. I like the Crows too.
    It is so cool that we like the same team.
    Why do you barrack for the Crows?
    From Laila

  2. Dear Mr Maio
    I never knew you were so cool but I did know you are funny. I like the Crows too. Who is your favourite player?
    From Lachy

    • Hi Lachlan
      I’m glad to hear you think I’m cool as it makes me feel young. Great to hear you follow the Crows and my favourite player is Rory Sloane.
      From Mr Maio

      • Hi Mr Maio,
        My favourite player is Eddy Betts! Did you know that I once trained with him, he came to my footy club with Taylor Walker and Richard Douglas. It was pretty awesome and cool.
        From Lachy

  3. Dear Mr Maio,
    I did not know you had two kids and I did not know your hobby was gardening.
    I like pasta too and I also love pizza. Do you like pizza?
    From Paige

    • Hi Paige
      Yes, I have two wonderful children. My daughter, Deanna is in Year 12 and my son, Jordan is in Year 10. I find gardening very relaxing. I definitely do like pizza!
      From Mr Maio

  4. Dear Mr Maio
    You are my favourite teacher.
    Crows are a good team but I like the Hawks.
    Do you like the Hawks or Crows ?
    from Zac

  5. Dear Mr Maio,
    I did not know that you have been teaching for over twenty years.
    What is your favourite subject?
    From Sophie

    • Hi Sophie
      Yes, I have been teaching for a long time but I still enjoy it so much. I really enjoy helping students with their learning. I’m sure there are a few more years left in me.
      From Mr Maio

  6. Dear Mr Maio
    I like the Crows too. Do you like any other football team except the Crows?
    I follow the Carlton football team.
    From Ella D

    • Hi Ella
      I’m so glad you follow the Crows and I hope they have a successful year in 2017. I do follow the Melbourne Football Club as well as I use to support them before Adelaide joined the competition.
      From Mr Maio

  7. Dear Mr Maio
    I did not know that your favourite food is pasta. It is my favourite food too. I have it every three days for a treat. When do you have pasta?
    From Daniel

  8. Dear Mr Maio
    I see you like Adelaide United. I really like them too. Who is your favourite player?
    I also like the Crows.
    From Archie

  9. Dear Mr Maio,
    Do you like puppies like me. Do you have a boy or girl puppy? Do you think puppies are cute? Also I go for the Crows and everyone else in my family goes for the Crows.
    From India

    • Hi India
      I think puppies are adorable and they can be mischievous. My female dog is no longer a puppy so she is a lot more settled. Great to hear that you and your family follow the Crows.
      From Mr Maio

  10. Dear Mr Maio
    Thanks for teaching me new things that I don’t know.
    Are you interested in cricket? I am and my mum sent you a photo of me at the Adelaide Oval.
    From Ashwyn

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