I would like to welcome students and parents to the 3/4RM blog.

You will find this to be a place where you can check in and see what is currently happening with our learning and make comments as you see fit.

As this is a place to celebrate learning please ensure that you are contributing in a positive manner.

The students and I are looking forward to developing this blog so it becomes an interactive way to keep everyone informed with the learning happening with 3/4RM.

Hear from you soon.

Mr Maio


11 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Hi Aleah
      I have been following the Crows since they entered the AFL competition. I follow the Crows because they were the first South Australian team to enter the AFL. I hope the Crows have a lot of success in 2017.
      From Mr Maio

  1. Dear Mr Maio
    I heard that you liked puppies. I like puppies too. I also think that puppies are cute. Do you think that puppies are cute?
    From Stella

  2. Dear Mr Maio
    I think that puppies are gorgeous as well. Thank you for replying to my comment. Do you love puppies a lot?
    From Stella

  3. Dear Mr Maio
    I did like the Adelaide Crows but not any more as I like the Hawks now, sorry. My favourite sport is cricket and chess and my favorite marshal art is Taekwondo and ekythump which means hit on the head by a stick like a club.
    From Wild East Will

    • Will,
      It is me Braydon. I would really like to keep in touch but guess what, I lost the phone thing you gave me so if you give me a link to your blog we can talk because for some reason your blog is not on the blog list and I saw your comment on welcome to Term 3 so I now know that you still have a blog.
      – Braydon out

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