In Years 3 and 4, students become more independent; they communicate with others more effectively.

English and Mathematics continue to be a priority, and literacy and numeracy are developed across all learning areas.

The curriculum further builds the essential knowledge and skills in literacy, consolidating ‘learning to read and write’.

In Years 3 and 4, students read and write about familiar content that relates to other learning areas. Students read more difficult texts on their own, such as chapter books and non-fiction information and can write in different styles.

Typically, students will:

  • read and understand a range of different types of texts that explore imaginative and informative topics
  • recognise and write texts that persuade and explain
  • write imaginative texts that include characters and events
  • recognise that pictures or graphics can be important to add meaning
  • recognise different kinds of language used in text, depending on the audience and purpose
  • learn information or ideas from texts
  • use mostly correct grammar, including simple and compound sentences
  • use accurate spelling and punctuation, and edit their own writing
  • plan and make presentations to the class
  • engage in discussions to share ideas and information, communicating clearly with others.

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