Farewell Ms Nocka

Today we farewelled Ms Nocka as she takes on a  new appointment at St Mary’s College. Thank you for your leadership over the past three years.



Currently, students are enjoying learning new skills while taking part in athletics.

Today’s focus was on the shot put where students practised the skills necessary to throw correctly.

Kathy from Little Athletics commented today on how focused and respectful the 3/4RM students have been.

We have three more sessions with Kathy so get ready to watch the students shine next term on Sports Day.

Parent/Student/Teacher Conversations

Dear Parents and Students,

Just a quick post to say thank you to all of you for making the time to attend the recent parent/student/teacher conversations.

It was obvious that you are all actively interested in your child’s learning which was apparent when sharing your aspirations and goals for your child in 2017. These conversations provided the opportunity for us to share successes and any challenges in order to maximise your child’s learning in 2017.

As this was a three way conversation it was great to hear from the students who spoke with confidence while sharing. I’m very proud of all of you.

Rob Maio


Premier’s Reading Challenge

South Australian Premiers Reading Challenge

All students received their Student Reading Record for 2017 this week.  We filled in most of the student details on the record sheet, however could a family member please complete any sections that have been left blank.

The record sheet should remain in your child’s blue note-case.  Once a book is completed record it on the sheet and sign it.

Record sheets can be given to me once completed and all sheets need to be in before the 8 September 2017.

Below is a spare record sheet if required.

Rob Maio


Science Inquiry Skills – Communicating

An important skill required to communicate successfully in Science is the skill of observation. We are exploring how we can use our senses to communicate ideas and findings.

Today we used our senses to make observations of an apple which the students enjoyed, especially when they used their sense of taste.


Choosing ‘Good Fit’ Books

Every Monday we attend the MacKillop/Woods Resource Centre to encourage students to borrow books which then become their readers.

As most of the students are now independent readers it is important that students develop the skill of choosing texts which are suitable to their reading ability (‘Good Fit’ books).

Below you will find a poster which we use that supports students with selecting suitable texts and photos of students learning in the Resource Centre.


Shrove Tuesday – Pancakes

Students are invited to order a pancake to eat at Recess time on Shrove Tuesday.

Yesterday a form went home requiring students to place their order along with the money. Ordering a pancake is optional.

If your child wishes to order a pancake then fill in the form and place it, along with the money, in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and class.

All orders need to be placed by Wednesday 22nd Feb.

If you have misplaced the form then feel free to print off the one below.

Meet the Teacher

I would just like to thank all the parents, grandparents and carers who made the effort to attend the recent ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening. It was great to see so many attend. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to have a quick chat with many of you after the formal presentation.

I was able to provide you with information about your child’s learning this year which I hope  you found useful. Being able to guide you on how to navigate our class blog was also beneficial. I’m sure you will find our blog to be a valuable source of information and an excellent means of communication throughout the year.

Feel free to email or post any questions you still may have and I will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

Thanks again.
Rob Maio

Tennis Clinic

Today we began our tennis clinics with Domenic and the students showed a lot of enthusiasm during the session.

It will be great to see their skill development over the coming weeks.

Mr Maio

Student Blogs

I have set up student blogs which we will be developing throughout the year as part of our Technology lessons.

The students are able to comment on our class blog but I am wanting them to eventually write posts and engage with their own student blog.

Student learning and writing improves faster when each student has their own blog as ownership is an important part of blogging.

We all have increased motivation when we feel personal ownership so students will become more motivated by having their own blog.

I will oversee each student blog and I have applied the necessary settings to ensure that students will be safe online.

Mr Maio

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