This term our class has been learning skills required to play cricket.

We are learning how to bat, bowl, field, throw accurately and catch.

Alessandro says:

“It’s fun!”


Stella says:

“I love cricket.”


Paige says:

“I love all the exercise I’m getting.”


Daniel says:

“I’m improving my skills.”



Welcome to Term 4

Welcome to Term 4! I hope that you and your families have had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday break. I definitely feel recharged and ready to go.

It’s just nine weeks until the school year ends and there is still a lot to learn. I have planned an exciting but challenging learning program for your child to engage with this term.

As we are entering the warmer months it is imperative that all students wear a school hat during outdoor activities. As the weather forecast can be unpredictable there is a two-week period to make the transition from winter to summer uniform.

I would like to remind you to check that your child has all the necessary materials/stationary required for their learning to avoid the need for borrowing.

I wish all students involved in the School Summer Sports Program and the Music Recitals an enjoyable and successful time.

See you soon!

Rob Maio

Key Events This Term

  • School Resumes – 16 October (Mon, Week 1)
  • School Assemblies

– 31 October  (Tues 2.15, Week 3)

–  4 November (Tues 2.15, Week 5)

–  28 November (Tues 2.15, Week 7)

  • Swimming Week at the Payneham Pool – 13 – 27 November (Mon – Fri Week 5)
  • Walk to School Day – 24 November (Fri, Week 6)
  • Christmas Celebration – 6 December (Wed, Week 8)
  • End of Year Mass of Thanksgiving – 13 December (Wed, Week 9)
  • Final School Day (Rec-Year 6) – 14 December (Thurs, Week 9)

Year 3/4 Excursion

Today the Year 3/4 Unit went on an excursion to the Botanical Gardens and Migration Museum to compliment the learning we have been doing in our History unit – The First Fleet.

We were able to learn how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People used plants to live and survive and the importance of plants for Indigenous People as food, medicine, tools and shelter.

We were also able to learn about the negative impact that Europeans had on Indigenous People due to the arrival of The First Fleet.

All students participated enthusiastically and were extremely well behaved.

Well done 3/4RM!

La Giornata Italiana

What a wonderful day we had today to celebrate Italian Day. Students definitely got into the spirit of the day by coming to school wearing Italian colours and participating enthusiastically with the many activities.

Science Week

3/4RM students took part in a number of Science activities this week to celebrate Science Week.

This morning we went and saw a Science Show presented by David.

David showed us some amazing experiments and explained to us how to think scientifically.

After recess the Year 5-7 students organised science activities for R-4 students which were motivating for students taking part.

Some of the activities included ‘Balloon Tower Challenge’, ‘Make it Move’ and ‘Marshmallow Tower’.

Thank you Year 5-7 students for planning and teaching such wonderful Science activities and helping us celebrate Science Week.


3/4RM students took part in their first Badminton session this week and I applaud their positive behaviour and willingness to learn new skills.

Badminton is our Physical Education focus for this term so I am looking forward to seeing all students develop new skills within the sport of Badminton.

Introducing Pierre (Science)

Recently students have begun learning about heat transfer in Science by being introduced to the character apprentice chef Pierre who needs the assistance of the students to solve some problems he encounters in his kitchen.

Students will explore two modes of heat transfer – conduction and convection, learn to use and read thermometers, explore conductors and insulators and identify how colours absorb and reflect heat.

Welcome to Term 3

Image result for back to school

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Welcome to Term 3! I am really looking forward to returning after an extended break. I hope you have appreciated spending some quality time with your children during the holidays. Students will once again need to be prepared for an eventful and challenging term of learning ahead.

Now is an ideal time to review your child’s school report and reflect upon the strengths and areas for improvement and set in place goals and future action plans for this Semester. At this level of schooling I really encourage students to reflect on their learning challenges and to take ownership of their goals for improvement. I encourage your partnership in this discussion.

This term Year 3/4 students are participating in Badminton clinics on Thursdays beginning in Week 2.  Therefore, students will need to wear their sports uniform on Thursdays as of Week 2.

I would also like to remind you to check that your child has all the necessary materials/stationary required for their learning to avoid the need to borrow from others.

Looking forward to continue working with you and your child in partnership this term.

Rob Maio


Key Events This Term

Term 3 Begins – 24 July (Mon, Week 1)

School Photo Day – 9 Aug (Wed, Week 3)

Science Week – 14 -18 Aug (Week 4)

Book Week Parade – 25 Aug (Fri, Week 5)

PJ Day/Disco Fundraiser – 7 Sept (Thurs, Week 7)

Year 3/4 Unit Mass – 21 Sept (Thurs, Week 9)

Italian Day – 22 Sept (Fri, Week 9)

Excursion to Migration Museum/Botanical Gardens 25 Sept (Mon, Week 10)

Show Your True Colours Day – 29 Sept (Fri, Week 10)

Year 3/4 Unit Assembly


Today the Year 3/4 Unit hosted the School Assembly.

As part of the assembly we celebrated Sorry Day which begins National Reconciliation Week. Sorry Day is an important day in the history of Australia.

It was great to see so many families present and joining in with the assembly.

After the assembly students took part in a ‘Sorry Day Whole School Streamer Activity’. Each student got a streamer of each colour and decorated the red and yellow streamers with black sharpies and the black streamer with chalk. Students then attached it to the front of the school.

Below are some images from the assembly and students engaging with the streamer activity.

Well done Year 3/4 Students.

Coffee Catch-up

Dear 3/4RM Parents/Carers,

Our Parent Representatives, Michelle and Kate, are inviting you all to a morning catch-up on Tuesday 23rd May after school drop off at Hibernia – 609 Magill Road.

Kate and Michelle would love to see you there for a catch-up over a coffee.

Rob Maio