About 3/4RM


We are one of two Year 3/4 classes here at St Joseph’s School, Tranmere in 2017.

There are 25 students in our class and our teacher’s name is Mr Maio.

Our school was established in 1927 by the Sisters of St Joseph and the parishioners of St Joseph’s Church. The Sisters were part of our school and parish for 50 years.

Our Classroom

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Our School Logo

The original logo used the Latin words “In Omnibus Caritas” which translates as “Love in everything”. The gold colour represents the divine and human love referred to in the motto. Blue is symbolic of Mary, the Mother of God and spouse of St Joseph, whom the brown symbolises. Joseph means growth so the lily stands both for the integrity of his life and character and for the growth to wholeness which is nourished in the students at St Joseph’s.

Our Location

Our school is located in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.


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