21st Century Education

Many children now start school technologically literate. They can use a keyboard and are familiar with tablet technology and smartphones. As educators we have to ask: What effect does this interactivity have on teaching and learning?

Teaching in the 21st century has to put the emphasis on the 4Cs – collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication.

Our education system must equip young people with the capacity to think, solve problems and respond to and thrive within a changing society.

With the vast amount of information available online, the teacher is now more the facilitator of learning than the holder of all knowledge.

The teacher poses the questions, provides the tools and research methods, as well as delivering subject content and guidance for problem-solving in a collaborative environment. It is an evolution in teaching practice that offers exciting possibilities.

It’s important that we value the knowledge that students acquire outside of school and use those experiences to make learning relevant.

The video above demonstrates the importance of equipping our students to participate effectively in the 21st Century.

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