Shrove Tuesday – Pancakes

Students are invited to order a pancake to eat at Recess time on Shrove Tuesday.

Yesterday a form went home requiring students to place their order along with the money. Ordering a pancake is optional.

If your child wishes to order a pancake then fill in the form and place it, along with the money, in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and class.

All orders need to be placed by Wednesday 22nd Feb.

If you have misplaced the form then feel free to print off the one below.

5 thoughts on “Shrove Tuesday – Pancakes

  1. Dear Mr Maio,
    I can’t wait until Shrove Tuesday, those pancakes are making me hungry already! I’m also looking forward to catching up with our buddies.
    Do you like pancakes?
    From Sofia
    PS: Asking if you like pancakes is a pretty silly question because EVERYONE loves pancakes.

  2. Dear Mr Maio
    I can’t wait until Pancake Day. It will be so much fun.
    Do you like pancakes and what is your favourite topping?
    From Alessandra

    • Hi Alessandra
      Shrove Tuesday is a special day of celebration. Eating pancakes makes the day even more special. I love eating pancakes and my favourite topping is maple syrup. Yummy!
      From Mr Maio

  3. Dear Mr Maio,
    I love Strove Tuesday because I love pancakes and I love whipped cream on them. I am looking forward to it tomorrow. The pancakes are always soft and yummy.

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