Restorative Practices

Building Repairing and Maintaining Healthy Relationships in Our School

Since the beginning of last year our school has been implementing Restorative Practices.

Restorative Practices assists teachers, students and parents to build, maintain and restore relationships.

Teachers are using ‘Affective Statements’ with students. This process involves affirming the recipient, stating the behaviour, a feeling statement and the preferred behaviour.

We have a restorative space in our classroom where students can visit and use affective statements to restore relationships.

Along with ‘Affective Statements’ we will also be having fortnightly “Circle Time” which allows us to explore issues of concern as a class. It’s a cooperative approach to problem solving which allows us to explore any issue.

Click on the Restorative Practices link under Parent Links if you would like to read more.

The images below show some examples of Affective Statements and our Restorative area in the classroom where students can get together and restore relationships.


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